How To Make Money With Smartphone : Top Apps

I’ve been making money online for a few years now, but one thing that’s always intrigued me is making money with apps on my smartphone. Today I’d like to show you how to make money with smartphone apps and the top apps to use.

Get Paid to Kill Time

Got a few minutes while you’re standing in line or waiting at the doctor’s office? Instead of spending your downtime on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram, why not download one of these apps to make a few bucks? These apps pay you to take surveys, play games or test out new tools.

1. Cashpirate

Android users can download Cashpirate to earn money playing games, watching videos, downloading apps and taking surveys. You’ll get “coins” for these activities, which you can then cash out through PayPal or for gift cards. New activities are added throughout the day, so it’s worth checking whenever you have free time. For a more detailed explanation, check out this reddit thread.

2. ESPN Streak for the Cash

Sports-obsessed? This one’s for you. With the ESPN Streak for the Cash app, you make predictions for upcoming games in 10 different sports. If you keep a long streak of correct predictions going, you get cash rewards.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards lets Android users earn free apps, music, movies, games and books through the Google Play store. Get credits in exchange for taking short, anonymous surveys on your phone. Credits vary depending on the length of the survey.

4. GrabPoints

With the GrabPoints app, all you have to do is watch videos or GrabPoints TV on your phone to accumulate points. Other ways to accumulate points: Take surveys, download and test apps, play games and refer your friends to join. Redeem your points for gift cards to Amazon, Target, iTunes, Gap and more. For now, GrabPoints is only available for Android. An iOS app is coming soon.

Save and Make Money on Groceries

If you’re a true Penny Hoarder, you likely cook at home more than you eat out, which means a big part of your budget goes towards buying groceries. Take advantage of these apps, many of which offer 5 Ridiculous (but effective) Ways to Save On Your Groceries on groceries you already buy.

5. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a rebate app for your phone. Each Thursday, they update their list of offers and rebates. Select the ones you want, buy those items at the store and snap photos of the items and your receipt. Once your account reaches $20, they’ll send you a check.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta is a rebates-made-easy app. Instead of mailing in your receipt and UPC and waiting for a rebate check, scan UPCs of groceries you’ve purchased, snap a photo of your receipt and collect rebate cash through PayPal. Use Ibotta to get rebates on stuff you already buy at the grocery store like eggs, milk and bread. The catch: You have to buy certain brands and can only shop at certain stores.

Do Odd Jobs

You can make a bit more cash with apps that require you to do a little work. These apps are middlemen between you and big consumer brands that want to check in on their products in various stores and ensure consistency. It’s kind of like doing market research — and you’re the collector of the data. Keep in mind that these apps need to track your location to find jobs, which can drain your battery.

7. Field Agent

Becoming a Field Agent is kind of like mystery shopping — except you don’t have to buy anything. Download the Field Agent app and look for assignments in your area. You may be asked to take photos of displays in stores, scan barcodes and record prices. You’ll be paid $2-8 for these short jobs, and can collect your cash via PayPal.

8. Gigwalk

Similar to Field Agent, use Gigwalk to find small, paying gigs in your area. Large companies want to keep tabs on in-store displays, see if products are available and check to see if prices are correctly displayed, and Gigwalk helps connect them with locals. So you’ll visit stores, snap photos and respond to questions.

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